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Prayer Request

Warm greetings, In His Name…

It’s been a busy spring with many events surrounding National Police Week: the annual National Police Parade in Newport, Rhode Island; the New York State Police Memorial in Albany; the Maine State Law Enforcement Memorial in Augusta and the Lewiston Police Memorial; the annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Sunday in North Syracuse; and other opportunities to serve, even the retirement of a local trooper, gave us many miles on the vehicle… the Lord is the One Who grants us the strength and stamina… and we thank you for your faithful prayers and support!

Now we are asking you to remember some special health needs. Recent annual follow-up blood and other tests regarding Ray’s time at “Ground Zero” (the World Trade Center – 9/11) have indicated elevated problems. He has been sent to a new pulmonologist in Burlington, Vermont, plus a new kidney doctor. A new gastroenterologist (for stomach) and a new ear, nose and throat doctor appointments are being set soon. Also, an appointment was held yesterday (Tuesday, May 23rd) with an oncologist Ray hasn’t seen for over a year.

The kidney doctor and the oncologist said that blood tests show severe kidney problems, and Ray is being further tested to determine for the advance and treatment of multiple myeloma. We definitely would appreciate your prayer, and will let you know how things progress.

By His Grace,

Barb and Ray

2 Timothy 1:12

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