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August 2008 Newsletter

O give me a home where the buffalo roam,”  and they do … at a nearby farm we like to visit once in a while!   It is nice to be able to come home from a difficult situation, like the funeral for a New York State trooper the other day, and be greeted by the little birds in our own back yard, feeding at our feeder.

NEWS / PRAYERLETTER – Barb and Ray Payne –  August, 2008

“… and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer [it] with the prayers of all saints … and the smoke of the incense, [which came] with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God …” Revelation 8:3,4

Dear Faithful Friends and Prayer-Warriors:

Lewiston PD Memorial

We have been impressed recently by these verses in Revelation 8, which tell about an angel holding a golden censer.  These verses point out that our prayers are a sweet smelling offering to our God of majesty and glory!   He is also very worthy of our praise and adoration.   We are thankful to those of you who keep us in your prayers.   God keeps us in good enough shape to keep us “on the road” and busy in His work!

Since our last update in June regarding the Americade (50,000 motorcycle enthusiasts in Lake George and around the area!), the ministry in South Philadelphia after 3 officers had previously lost their lives, and then on to the incident involving a Fredericksburg, Virginia, officer who was gunned down, we have continued to see your prayers at work.

In July, we were at River of Life Bible Camp in Maxfield, Maine, for a week.  We really enjoyed the time with the teens and staff.   Sure, the black flies were there to greet us, but the blessings far out-weighed any discomfort!

July 23rd was the 20th year since our son, David’s line of duty death.  We were asked to come back to Lewiston and spend the day at the Police Department.  Sgt. Mike was one of David’s close buddies, and did all he could to make the afternoon and eveningspecial! He took Ray to the place where it all happened … we even spent some time at the Memorial … flowers were placed at the gravesite by the PD …  officers were at the Department, and greeted and talked.  Don, one of the two officers involved at the scene back in ’88, came in and spent some time … and Ray was even given an option on anew vehicle … a nice one … all the lights (and siren) worked … too bad it belonged to the Supervisor … thanks, Sgt. Mike and allat Lewiston PD, for making July 23rd a day of goodmemories…

The end of August will find us in Pennsylvania at the Annual Conference of BCM International for a couple of days.  The beginning of August had us at a Police Get-together in North Syracuse … for good fellowship … but it was there that we learn-ed of a New York trooper and a firefighter being electrocuted in an accident in Ogdensburg, NY.   Ray drove to the funeral a few days later … a very sad time … leaving his wife and children.  A major, a new troop commander nearby, made himself known to Ray after the service.  He was in the western part of the state about eleven years ago when Ray helped the survivors and law enforcement of that area begin a COPS Chapter.

Not to be outdone … Barb also has been thinking about a new (?) vehicle … our host at the Get-together in North Syracuse is also the Under-sheriff, and had the Department’s “SWAT” vehicle at his home following its use in a parade — it attracted Barb!

… who says we don’t have any fun, too?!?!?

We covet your prayers.  Our fall season is just around the corner, and lots of miles are on the schedule.  We would appreciate your prayer for our availability to the Lord for His use in reaching our law enforcement community, as well as others we come in contact with … also, for our health and stamina … for our vehicle, as it, too, is needing attention  and for the challenges of the economy of our day … and for God’s moving in the hearts of the people of our nation in the light of the coming election … we have much to be concerned for.   Romans 16:24 to 27

By His Grace,

Barb and Ray
II Timothy 1:12

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