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June 2008 Update

Warm greetings, again…  so soon, Prayer-partners!

We asked you last week to pray … you did … and the Lord worked!

The Services last Sunday (the 8th) in Philadelphia were special … there were seven uniformed Philadelphia police officers in the morning, along with an Inspector from the Commissioner’s Office.  It was a good reception.

Early Monday morning we headed to Lynchburg, VA.  There was a lot of road construction and we were road-weary when we pulled into Deb and Rob’s!

Rob greeted us with the news clipping about a Fredericksburg police officer, Todd Bahr, 41 years old, who was shot and killed in the line of duty Friday night (the 6th) answering a call about a domestic dispute.  The check of the internet revealed that the viewing would be on Wednesday and the funeral would be Thursday morning.  Fredericksburg was about 3½ hours away (over 150 miles).  At least we had a day in between to recuperate …

Ray went up Wednesday about noon, and spent a couple of hours at the Police Headquarters, and met a lot of the officers and staff. One of the men was the Detective who was investigating the shooting, and he took of his valuable time to introduce Ray to many, including other officers, and the officer’s family later at the viewing.  It was late getting back to Lynchburg.

Barb wanted to go Thursday to the funeral – especially to speak with Officer  Bahr’s mother, but just wasn’t able – Ray left shortly after6 AM to be able to be there for the 11 AM Service at a large Baptist church.  It was a very emotional service … the officer had been on the job only 2 years.  He wanted to “give something back to his Country after 9-11.”

A Chaplain for a local Sheriff’s Department brought a challenge to the crowded church, and there were many who responded by raised hand to the invitation to receive Christ as their Saviour, including several on Fredericksburg PD.

Plans are to travel back to Schroon Lake early Sunday morning – wish we could have stayed longer but Barb’s medications run out.  Thanks for your continued faithfulness in prayers and encouragements …

In His Love,

Barb and Ray

II Timothy 1:12

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