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April 2003 Newsletter

“He is not here: for He is risen, as He said!” Matthew 28:6

Greetings, Friends and Prayer Partners, This is the time of year that is called Easter … we commemorate the death, and especially the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! We trust that this will be a time of drawing near to Him, and praising Him for so great salvation! We cannot comprehend the magnificent love of our precious Heavenly Father in sacrificing His Only Son for the likes of us! But, we praise Him for it, and pray that you, along with us, will be more faithful in loving and serving Him. He has been so faithful to us in so many ways.

We thank you for your faithful prayers; we’ve sensed them as we have seen God’s enabling in the meetings and ministry in the past weeks. (We are very much aware of the weakness and frailty of these human bodies. How good to know that “… the inward man is renewed day by day …” – II Corinthians 4:16

As you continue to pray for us, we would like to pray for you, too; please send us your specific requests so that we can rejoice with you as God sees fit to answer. Here are some of ours:
* For strength and stamina, and spiritual refreshing … that we “might be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;” Colossians 1:9b
* For wisdom and provision of some needed equipment – a laptop with a greater capacity and speed (our present one is filled up and tired), and a multi-media projector for presentations – most churches we’re in do not have this availability …
* For continued improvement in health for Ray, especially with the lungs …
* For Barb’s allergy problems, as the pollen season is here …
* For the salvation of God’s “ministers” – law enforcement officers
* For upcoming meetings:
April 26th – BASIS Annual Breakfast, Aldan, PA
April 27th – Andalusia Baptist Church – AM Service (Bensalem, PA)
April 28th/29th – North /Mid-Atlantic Regional Training – ICPC (International Conference of Police Chaplains) at Springfield, MA
April 30th – Teleconference on “Living with Grief – Coping with Public Tragedy” – Albany, NY
May 3rd /4th – National Police Parade, Newport, Rhode Island

At a recent pastors’ conference, Ray was recommended to help determine personnel and resources available regarding crisis intervention, when another tragedy like “911” happens. We ask prayer for this responsibility. The question is not “if”, but “when and where?”

In a new tract that came in the mail recently, written by a teacher we had in Bible College, Charles Ryrie, he mentioned the Middle East … that “History began there (the traditional site of the Garden of Eden is near present-day Babylon in Iraq). The most important event in history happened there (in Jerusalem … where the Lord Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world). History’s final showdown will take place there (Armageddon … a lush valley in the northern part of Israel).”

Dr. Ryrie went on to say, “Is the world out of control? … Sometimes sin must be allowed to run its course to reveal what people are really like. Although God is in control that does not mean that He causes the evil which we see all around us. Evil people cause evil, and sometimes they become tyrants who inflict their unrestrained desires on innocent victims. But God will not allow evil to flourish unchecked forever. Every person – whether a tyrant or not – will ultimately be examined and judged by a holy God.”

Certainly the soon-coming of the Lord Jesus for His Bride, the Church, challenges us to be ready and looking – Titus 2:11-15! It is an exciting day that we’re living in – for sure! Thank you, again, for your faithfulness in prayer and support. May the Lord continue to encourage and bless you as you remain true to His Word and look forward to His coming – II Timothy 4:8!

In Calvary’s Love,

Barb and Ray

II Timothy 1:12

200 U. S. Route 9, Schroon Lake, NY 12870 (518) 532-9049

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