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March 2003 Update

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners, greetings, in His Name – Isaiah 9:6 and 7! We are thanking the Lord for some warmer weather, and for actually seeing some of the snow blanket melt! It’s been a loooong winter up here in the North Country! We have much to be thankful for … first of all, for salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, and for the joy of serving Him – He is a good and faithful Saviour!

The Lord has seen fit to send several encouragements in the last couple of weeks! Two different police officers, both in western New York, wrote in order to tell of opportunities for witness among co-workers, and asked that we send more “ONLY ONE SON” tracts. It is a thrill for us to see how the Lord is working! We ask you to pray that the Word will fall on the “good soil” of prepared hearts, and that some will be saved!

Another big encouragement is seeing how an officer, who has become a good friend, has been saved, and is growing in the Lord! We visited him last week, and can see how the fruit of the Holy Spirit is being reaped in his life. Both of his parents have also received Christ, and all are involved in a good, Gospel-preaching church. Please pray for “Al” – (not his real name, but God knows who he is)!

Thanks so much for your continued prayer for Ray’s health needs. He is feeling stronger; but he is now battling a sore throat and cold. He saw a doctor on the 17th, and is now on Penicillin. Some days are good … some days are not so good …

Meetings are being lined up for the next few months, starting with the Word of Life Law Enforcement Conference, March 28th to 30th.
” Law Enforcement Appreciation Service – Twin Orchards Baptist Church, in Vestal, NY, Pastor Paul Blasko, Morning and Evening Services – 04/06/03
” NY IFCA Regional Bible Conference, Port Crane, NY – 04/07,08/03
” Annual Breakfast for Victims of Crime, Binghamton, NY – 04/09/03
” Sky-Help – a follow-up program for those involved in the WTC/9-11 tragedy, on Long Beach Island, NJ – 04/11-13/03
” BASIS Annual Breakfast, Alden, PA – 04/26/03
” Mid/North Atlantic ICPC (International Conference of Police Chaplains) Work-Shop and Regional meetings, Springfield, MA – 04/28,29/03
” Hospice Teleconference: “Living With Grief – Coping With Public Tragedy” – Albany, NY – 04/30/03 1 to 5 PM

Thank you for praying about our financial situation. We have stayed at about 60% of what our Mission, BCM Int., requires. Hospital insurance cost is increasing by about 25%. Gas prices continue to rise, as well as other items. We know that our Lord will continue to remain faithful, even in this area. He is able!

Also, we are concerned; as we are sure you are, about our Country’s welfare, and the safety of our troops in the Middle East. What a comfort, knowing that, “… the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will … He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth …” Daniel 4:32 and 35 Can His coming be far away? Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

By His Matchless Grace,

Barb and Ray

II Timothy 1:12

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