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Barb’s Surgery a Success

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear faithful prayer-partners and friends,

PTL! We are grateful for your faithful prayers and God’s hand in the open heart surgery Monday!

Please forgive me for not getting a note out sooner, but so much hindered… we could not use the cell phone or laptop in the hospital, or traveling the 2 hours each way … Barb is in a “step-down” unit now, but the rules and even the visiting hours are the same as in the ICU… I’ll type a letter here today and try to get it out for the weekend… the laptop has been “crashing” every time I’ve opened it up… it has been so frustrating!

Barb is very fragile… it will be a long recovery, she has been told. Today is Friday, and she still is having a struggle in trying to eat or drink. Food hasn’t been very appetizing. She has had a lot of pain. The planned discharge date is for Sunday, 12/05… but ???

The surgeon had to go through the front because he found calcium in Barb’s aorta, and didn’t want any to go into the brain or heart. We’ll try to let you know of future dates and moves of what is going on a.s.a.p…. thanks for your patience.

God’s promise is for “perfect peace” – heart and mind – and we trust Him for that… Isaiah 26:3 and 4. Thanks for your continued prayers!

In His Love,

Barb and Ray

II Timothy 1:12

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