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Christmas 2009 Prayer Letter

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II Corinthians 5:21, tells us, “For He hath made Him [to be] sin for us, Who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”

– As one writer has said, “The righteousness of God signifies here the salvation of God, as comprehending justification through the blood of Christ, and sanctification through his Spirit or, as the mountains of God, the hail of God, the wind of God, mean exceeding high mountains, extraordinary hail, and most tempestuous wind; so, here, the righteous-ness of God may mean a thorough righteousness, complete justification, complete sanctification; such as none but God can give, such as the sinful nature and guilty conscience of man require, and such as is worthy of God to impart. And all this righteousness, justification, and holiness, we receive in, by, for, and through Him, as the grand, sacrificial, procuring, and meritorious cause of these, and every other blessing” … therefore, the “Ultimate Christmas Gift!” Do you have yours? There’s none other that really counts …

Warm Christmas greetings … This has been a good time for us to reflect on the past year, and to praise the Lord for His faithfulness, love, grace and mercy, and for all of His blessings! We are thankful for His gracious provision for all our needs to be supplied; for safety in all our travels; for strength for each new day; for our loving and attentive family; for good and caring friends, and so much more! We both have had some health issues, but after many exams and tests, nothing serious has been uncovered.

The country was stirred regarding the tragedy in Seattle where four officers were gunned down in a coffee shop while working on police business … unfortunately, things happen daily in a profession that willingly places their lives on the line to protect you and me. Our family-in-blue lead very delicate and fragile lives – we need to keep them in much prayer. We enjoy and look forward to the Police Appreciations, the Family Retreats, the picnics, and other fun times … but, there are also difficult times at the funerals, etc. Recently one of our close friends said that he had to tell us about an incident “before we heard about it from someone or somewhere else.” An officer said that he told us “before I told my mother and father.” This is why what we do is very close to our hearts. This is why we need your prayers.

Our family is doing well … we’ll be with two of our daughters, Ginny (Mark) and Deb (Rob) and their families in Virginia, for Christmas. Beth and husband (Niles) will have to ‘tuff it out in the 80 degree days in Florida. Judy (Jeff) and family (all 6 of the little ones, including our newest grandson, Owen Charles, added in 2009) WILL have snow in Anchorage, Alaska!

We are very thankful to you who uphold us in your prayers and financial gifts … truly we would not be able to function apart from your faithfulness in being co-laborers with us. It’s still exciting to hear from folks like the pastor’s wife who recently emailed us to request ONLY ONE SON tracts to be included with the Christmas cookies that their church ladies were baking to take to local police departments; and the pastor’s wife who just this past week did the same for their area law enforcement when I told the story in a report at their church!

Have a very special and blessed Christmas, and a spiritually prosperous New Year!

In His Wonderful Love,

Barb and Ray
Isaiah 9:6 and 7

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