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June 2003 Newsletter

“Ye also helping together by prayer for us …” II Corinthians 1:11a

Dear Friends and Faithful Prayer-Partners, thank you again for bringing us and our family before the Lord for prayer!

Our daughter, Deb, and hubby, Rob, have sold their home in Streetsboro, Ohio! How good the Lord is – the very first couple who looked at it bought it! Rob will start his new job in administration at Harrisburg Area Community College on July 1st. Please pray for a quick adjustment period for them and their 3 children; 9 year-old Nathan, 6 year-old Joshua, and 18 months-old Katie. We had a wonderful visit with them on our trip to Ohio. May we ask you to pray for Debbie’s friend, Sandy, who has cancer? Her daughter, Julie, is Joshua’s good friend.

Please pray for our daughter, Ginny, as she goes on a missions’ trip to China. She and her group will leave Maine on July 23rd. She has been to China several times, and has a genuine burden for the spiritual needs of the people in the depths of darkness there.

The missions conference we were involved in at Mechanicsburg, Ohio, was a great blessing. This was the church’s very first missions conference, and the church people worked together wonderfully to make it a success. They put on an international dinner with many interesting aspects, including a piñata to go along with the Mexican theme. We thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with the other missionaries, and the pastor and his wife, Andy and Carol Jean Scott, who are old friends from back in Maine. Thank you for praying. We had asked the Lord to bless us and make us a blessing. As always, the Lord had us be with some hurting people, too.

Physically, we’ve felt the aches from the lengthy wet weather recently. We must be getting “older” … Ray’s lungs still bother him, and the doctor left it up to him whether or not he should follow up with a pulmonologist. Some of you have expressed a concern that we are “overdoing it;” but, please be assured that we are going at a slower pace now, and trying to take more time for leisure activities.

Our Christian car-dealer friend has made it possible to have major work done on our car. Although it has 134,000+ miles on it, it has been good transportation. We will eventually have to trade for something with less miles, but in the meantime, please pray that it will continue to be reliable for a while longer … thank you!

Meetings coming up include:
* June 21st, 22nd: Colchester Bible Baptist Church, Colchester, CT – Pastor Bill McMahon
* July 5th , 6th: Police Appreciation – Peoples Baptist Church, Newfield, NY – Pastor James Depue
* July 13th: Faith Baptist Church, Warrensburg, NY – Pastor Lee Call – SS/AM/PM
* July 27th: Open Bible Baptist Church – Cambridge, NY – Pastor Cal Witham – 11 AM

We are ever thankful to our God for raising up prayer supporters as yourselves! Thank you, again, so very much … Colossians 4:2-4!

In Christ’s Love,

Barb and Ray

II Timothy 1:12

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