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August 2002 – Chaplain Training

World Trade Center Stamp

Dear Family and Friends,

Jesus said to His disciples, “… blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.  For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.” (Matthew 13:16 and 17)

How very privileged we are that God, in His Grace, has opened our spiritual eyes and ears to understand the truths that people, down through the ages, have puzzled over, and still do not comprehend.

We got home last night from a five-day trip to New Jersey and Pennsylvania, during which we could sense that we were being upheld by God’s strengthening Hand.  Several times we were aware of being just at the right place at just the right time.  We know that many of you prayed, and we want you to know we appreciate you, and thank you!

Ray’s chaplains’ training on Thursday was initial preparation to go back into Lower Manhattan to minister to contractors and construction workers that came alongside of the firefighters and law enforcement officers at “Ground Hero” for many months.  Saturday was the Annual BASIS Family Picnic, and there were several new families attending.  We squeezed a lot into those five days, and feel that the contacts we made will reap a harvest for the Lord in the future.

Many new opportunities have opened because of Ray’s availability at “Ground Hero.”  We could not be at all of the events we have been asked to be involved in concerning the memorials planned for this September 11th.   Several churches in California, plus, NJ, PA, NH, NY, and VT, have contacted us … the one we accepted for the 11th is in Fresno, CA — the Associate Pastor is from New Brunswick Bible Institute, in Canada. .  Other opportunities in September will be at the annual law enforcement   retreat (CLEO) in Maine, plus appreciation services in VT, NH, RI, and Canada.  We need you to stand with us in prayer, that the Lord will continue to give stamina and strength, but, also, that we will have servant’s hearts, and serve Him with JOY!

Physically, we are holding our own!  Barb has her usual sinus/allergy problems.  In spite of low energy and periods of fatigue, she keeps up with the hectic schedule!  Some of you have been praying for Ray’s feet problems.  With the lung problems doing much better, the feet need to be addressed, and  you will be glad to hear that he has been to a podiatrist!  The diagnosis is “neuroma,” which is a nerve entrap-ment.   He has had slight relief since getting a cortisone injection last Wednesday, August 7th.    If the cortisone injections (two more) fail to help, he may have to have surgery.   The doctor remarked that he now knows “how a police officer got the nickname, ‘flatfoot’!”   Thanks for prayers for wisdom …

We know from experience that without your faithful prayer support, the ministry would be barren and fruitless.   Phone, mail, and email contacts concerning two officers shot in Ohio recently, plus concerns regarding friends with cancer, including a retired police officer in OH, a missionary in GA, a pastor nearby, and a member of a quartet Ray sang with years ago … drain our feeble energies, but the Lord continues to exchange His mighty strength and power for our weaknesses — Isaiah 40:31!

We know that we need to get a general prayer and newsletter out to all on our mailing list soon —hopefully before the September schedule begins.  Please pray with us that this will become a reality in the next couple of weeks?!   It is important …  perhaps many think that we are not involved in this ministry anymore … our main contact has focused on mail to our supporters, both prayer and financial, as well as to our email lists.   Keep in touch …  Psalm 118:24!

Sincerely, by His Grace,

Barb and Ray
II Timothy 1:12

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